Project team members had only 32 months to retrofit a wet-flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) system and construct a 500-ft dual-flue chimney and common wastewater treatment facility at the four-unit, coal-fired R.M. Schahfer powerplant in Wheatfield, Ind.

Because projects of this scope typically require as many as 42 months, team members aggressively pursued methods to compress the schedule without compromising safety, quality or craftsmanship.

Among other initiatives, the design team specified high-strength concrete and rebar to reduce foundation thicknesses for chimney and other installations, saving time and money by eliminating requirements for dewatering operations and relocation of below-grade facilities.

Prefabrication of a 1,000-ft-long, multitiered pipe rack further sped construction. Expedited procurement ensured timely delivery of equipment.

Team members also reused existing infrastructure, incorporating components of a retired wastewater treatment facility into its replacement.

To further expedite work, stakeholders utilized a single Primavera P6 software platform to integrate all aspects of engineering, procurement, fabrication, delivery, construction and commissioning.

As work progressed, contractors issued daily reports to the owner, which issued weekly reports summarizing significant performance parameters, including adherence to the schedule.

The owner also conducted monthly executive meetings during which stakeholders reported updates on quality, safety, fabrication and schedule.

During weekly coordination meetings, designers identified and addressed space conflicts to ensure proper fit-up of equipment, structural steel, galleries and piping in the field.

For their part, plant maintenance and operations personnel participated in model reviews to certify accessibility, operability and maintainability.