The $10.7-million Engine Company 16, the first LEED-Platinum firehouse in Illinois, features a geothermal heat-exchange system, a vegetative and reflective roof, permeable pavers and an aggressive stormwater management system. The facility also incorporates a circular apron to facilitate quicker response time and reset for subsequent responses.

Photo Courtesy of James Steinkamp Photography
Engine Company 16 is the first LEED-Platinum firehouse in Illinois.

Constructed of load-bearing masonry and exterior brick, the 20,000-sq-ft structure is designed to serve as a prototype for future Chicago stations, with dimensions conforming to those of a typical city block. In addition to maintaining parity in city neighborhoods, the approach promotes faster project delivery and a more favorable cost structure.

Engine Company 16, Chicago

Key Players

Owner Public Building Commission of Chicago

GC F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates, Chicago

Designer InterActive Design Inc., Chicago