Over the last few years, no firm participating in ENR Southwest's annual Top Design Firms survey has seen its regional revenue grow as significantly as has WSP USA. For example, the firm's Southwest revenue during the years 2020 and 2021 totaled $48.6 million and $61 million, respectively, enough to earn sixth place on the rankings published in 2021 and 2022.

Then, a year ago, ENR Southwest's Top Design Firms survey revealed WSP's massive jump in 2022 Southwest revenue, with the firm this time reporting $176.7 million and jumping five spots to the top of the ranking. Now, for this year's design survey, WSP Inc. has reported that its Southwest revenues climbed still further in 2023, with its total for Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico coming in at roughly $184.7 million. Whether that results in another top ranking will have to wait until the next edition of ENR Southwest publishes on May 13.

In last year's ranking, WSP's largest sector by revenue was mining, which contributed 31% of its regional total, followed by transportation, at 24%. That trend continued into 2023, with the mining sector again delivering a significant portion of the firm's Southwest revenue.

Based on its strong business growth in the Southwest region, and other factors, ENR Southwest is proud to announce that WSP USA is its 2024 Design Firm of the Year. Southwest readers can learn more details about WSP USA's Southwest activity in the profile—along with our annual ranking of the region's design firms—that we'll be publishing in the May 13 edition.