For nearly two decades, ENR Southwest has ranked the peaks and valleys of construction revenue among the top specialty contracting firms of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. This year's ranking will appear in the September issue of ENR Southwest, and an early preview backs up with hard numbers what many of us already knew – it was another tough year for subcontractors. In fact, it was the deepest of valleys yet experienced in this market.  

Echoing the results of the Top GC ranking—which appears in this month’s issue—Arizona and New Mexico subcontractors actually saw some improvement in 2011, but these modest gains were completely overshadowed by the vacuum of construction activity in Las Vegas. Overall, the 66 subcontractors that responded to this year’s survey performed $2.18 billion in work during 2011 in the region, down from $2.42 million in 2010.

As a point of reference, compare this to 2008, the peak year in the southwest for subcontractors. That year, the top 66 specialty contractors performed an incredible $5.27 billion of work in the three-state region.

Participation is also down quite a bit from past years. During the booming economy, around 200 subcontractors provided their revenue data. This year’s 66 participants demonstrate that many firms have merged, gone under or have become unwilling to divulge the extent of their revenue declines. However, with most firms suffering steep revenue declines, firms can actually move up in the rankings, despite a drop in workload.

One company from the ranking will be chosen as ENR Southwest’s Specialty Contractor of the Year. Which company do you think deserves this honor? Tell us in the comments below.

Here’s a list of the top subcontractors that will appear in the print and online editions. Note that this is in alphabetical order—you’ll have to read the September issue of ENR Southwest to see the actual rankings and which firm was #1!

Ace Asphalt of AZ
Acme Electric
American Sprinkler System Co. Inc.
American Technologies Inc.
Borderland Construction Co. Inc.
Buesing Corp.
Cannon & Wendt Electric Co. Inc.
Case Foundation Co.
Comfort Systems USA Southwest
Commercial Roofers Inc.
Corbins Electric
Coronado Concrete & Masonry
Delta Diversified Enterprises Inc.
DP Electric Inc.
E&K of Phoenix
EMCOR Group Inc.
European Techniques
Garney Companies Inc.
HACI Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Helix Electric
IMCOR-Interstate Mechanical Corp.
Irontree Construction Inc.
Jack B. Henderson Construction Co. Inc.
Jenco Inc. dba Jen Electric
KEAR Civil Corp.
Kearney Electric Inc.
KHS&S Contractors
Kovach Inc.
KSK Electric Inc.
Kuhl's Electric Inc.
Markham Contracting Co. Inc.
MasTec Inc.
McDade-Woodcock Inc.
Midstate Mechanical Inc.
Milco Solutions Inc.
Miller Bonded Inc.
MKB Construction Inc.
MMC Contractors Inc.
Native Environmental LLC
OGB Architectural Millwork
RKS Plumbing & Mechanical Inc
RMJ Electrical Contractors Inc.
Roadway Electric LLC
Rosendin Electric
Schuff Steel
SME Steel Contractors Inc.
Southland Industries
Southwest Glazing
Southwestern Electrical Contracting Inc.
Spectrum Mechanical and Service Contractors LLC
Sun Valley Masonry Inc.
Suntec Concrete
Sure Steel Inc.
Team Industrial Services Inc.
Tecta America Corp.
The Morse Group Inc.
Truesdell Corporation
W&W Structural Inc.
W. J. Maloney Plumbing Co. Inc.
W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Walters & Wolf Construction Specialties
WestCor Framing
Wicked Fire Protection Inc.
Wilson Electric Services Corp.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments field below which of these companies deserves to be selected as the 2012 Specialty Contractor of the Year, and why?

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