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Rashmi Menon

Rashmi Menon 
Vice President and General Manager
Burns & McDonnell

“In the San Francisco Bay Area, construction prospects for 2024 and 2025 indicate growth across various sectors such as power utilities, water, streets, transportation and buildings,” Menon says.

Despite ongoing challenges such as labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, the regional construction industry is still seeing plenty of demand thanks to urban development and commercial expansion, she notes.

“Collaboration, investment in workforce development and technology adoption will be crucial for sustaining and enhancing the construction business in San Francisco,” Menon adds.

Ensuring efficiencies in project planning and execution will help San Francisco firms tackle industrywide challenges like staffing shortages, supply chain disruptions and inflation, she says.

“Tailored contract structures, such as design-build, EPC or traditional approaches like CM/GM, CMAR and CM, are advancing collaboration between stakeholders,” Menon says. “It’s crucial to align execution plans with client expectations to effectively build San Francisco’s infrastructure.”