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Peter Tateishi

Peter Tateishi 
Associated General Contractors of California

Markets in the San Francisco area are trending upward with continued and increasing growth in road and transit construction thanks to federal infrastructure investments, according to Tateishi.

“Our members expect to see continued private investment in the San Francisco Bay area, especially with the flow of federal and state infrastructure spending,” he says.

AGC of California is also “anticipating investments in multiuse and office campuses and complexes as well as in mobility and transit hubs,” Tateishi adds.
Meanwhile, “with many of our tech companies returning to work with hybrid models, we believe this will drive more investments for construction work,” he says.
Overall, AGC of California member companies are optimistic about 2022, Tateishi says.

 A recent AGC of California survey found that 82% of respondents reported they were optimistic about their company’s prospects and success, with 63% of respondents expecting 2022 revenue gains year over year.