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John Manzoni

John Manzoni 
Planning Director, 
Transportation Northeast

One major construction design trend in Camden is “the emergence of mixed-use developments and residential townhomes [that cater] to the city’s strong employment base,” Manzoni says. This trend is driven by the city’s “historic focus on providing for major corporate entities based there [as well as] education and medical institutions, which drive demand for workforce housing.”

“Navigating the challenges of mixed-use developments and residential townhomes in Camden involves addressing issues like parking requirements, utility connections and incorporation of distinct architectural features,” he says. 

But creation of Camden’s Business Growth Development Team is assisting developers in managing applications, overseeing project delivery and facilitating communication between builders and city officials, he notes.  

Major health care and education institutions such as Cooper Hospital and Rutgers University-Camden are also growing with an outlook for “sustained positive trajectory,” Manzoni says. Camden is on the threshold of “significant growth” in the coming year, he says.