Ohio’s Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) has identified a draft list of projects totaling $390 million that may be funded over the next four years to reduce traffic congestion and/or improve capacity. 

The funding would come from the Ohio Dept. of Transportation’s Major New Capacity Program, which funds traffic projects greater than $12 million. 

TRAC operates on an annual application cycle. At the completion of the application process TRAC members vote on the approval of the Major New Construction Program List of funding commitments for preliminary engineering, detailed design, right-of-way and project construction. 

TRAC is slated to vote on a final project list on March 29

Every year, TRAC receives applications from municipalities and counties, metropolitan planning agencies and from within its 12 districts. It received 31 new applications this year. 

“This process helps select and prioritize projects. We have more projects than we have money,” said Breanna Badanes, an ODOT spokesperson.  

Projects receiving funding commitments are placed into three "tiers" based upon the level of project development:

 Tier I - The group of projects recommended for construction during the upcoming four-year construction period. 

  • Tier II - The group of projects recommended for additional environmental, design or right-of-way development activities necessary before the projects would be available for construction. 
  • Tier III - The group of projects with previous phases funded for construction in Tier I. Projects placed in Tier III status are part of a long-range funding plan to advance multiple phase projects. 

Badanes said contractors interested in bidding on projects will want to take note of which projects are approved and what stage they are in. 

“TRAC funds various stages of project development—design and construction,” she says. “They will want to keep track of projects in development so they can bid on those when they move to construction.” 

“The four-year list on our website has any of the projects that would be coming for bid in the next four years,” she added. 

She said the projects on the draft list are spread across the state. However, it also depends on where the applications come from.

“Ohio is on the move,” said ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks in a news release. “These investments will help ensure that transportation isn’t a barrier to prosperity across the state.”