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Chris Lester

Chris Lester 
Vice President, Capital Region Office Leader

More alternative contracting and delivery methods in the D.C. area “are allowing for more collaboration among project stakeholders and serving multiple transportation modes,” Lester says. “This is resulting in projects being delivered quicker.” 

Lester says that alternative delivery methods also are increasing accountability on large projects. “It’s a way to ensure all parties involved are focused on the best possible delivery and are accountable,” he says.

Lester sees “tremendous  opportunity” in transit projects, “especially with advancements and improvements associated with developing projects such as bus rapid transit to serve a broader community.”

An emphasis on projects reconnecting communities is providing “greater access and mobility for all,” says Lester. “This has brought about stronger partnerships between the public and private sector and the communities served. Wider access to decision-making on transportation plans will be provided through various technologies allowing the community to have more input.”