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Ryan Felton

Ryan Felton 
VP of Operations
McCarthy Building Cos. – Omaha

“The Omaha construction market remains busy, and it seems every construction company has its share of the work,” Felton says. “The Omaha Streetcar project is one of the larger conversations in Omaha, and it is expected to create a lot of development from downtown Omaha to the 42nd Street corridor.” 

Competition is spurring customers to look at new ways of  getting projects  done. “With marketplace strains and all construction companies being busy, some McCarthy clients are looking at delivery models that help lock in early design and construction teams. Clients are focused on finding teams that will add value to the project and help find solutions to the many challenges facing the current market,” Felton says.

Construction costs may hold steady. 

“Cost pressure, supply chain issues and labor strain are all making it very difficult to build in today’s market. Construction costs are not likely to come down but hopefully will stabilize to allow more certainty in the market. Having the right partner to help navigate through these challenges is even more important now than ever before,” he says.