Cytiva Cleanroom Expansion

Logan, Utah


Submitted By: Jacobsen Construction Co.

Owner: Cytiva

Lead Design Firm: Design West Architects

General Contractor: Jacobsen Construction Co.

Cytiva needed to expand its clean room capabilities to install additional and updated liquid pharmaceutical formulation and bottling equipment, which involved a new stand-alone structure on the Cytiva campus. The building was designed, engineered and built to achieve several objectives and serve as a model facility for future expansions.

Cytiva’s approved design was unusually detailed, which expedited the time needed to engineer the installation of the building’s special systems. This included ease of use and maintenance, cleanliness and security for the controlled environment, efficient production and operational clarity.

The scope included a new core and shell structure for clean room space along with associated fully automated process systems to increase the facility’s manufacturing capacity. The room contains a complex system of software-connected valves that transfer more than 1,000 specific and customizable formulas of pharmaceutical ingredients. The valves required precise alignment of position, connections and pressure. The valve system also had to be securely and accurately connected to the mixing and bottling systems to deliver a completely integrated and seamless production process.

The team used virtual reality headsets in conjunction with the 3D model to guide the installation. This technology also supported the performance of quality control checks and moved the needle on the team’s ability to meet design intent and ensure accuracy.