TX1 Bitcoin Mine

Aurora, Colo.

Award of Merit

Submitted By: RK Mission Critical LLC

Owner: Not Disclosed

General Contractor: U.S. Bitcoin Corp.

Manufacturer: RK Mission Critical LLC

The project team collaborated to overcome a number of developmental hurdles in building out U.S. Bitcoin Corp.’s 42-MW cryptocurrency mine. The facility’s design, outfitting and construction were completed in just 71 days—one of the shortest time frames for a site with that level of capacity. Design of the 22 modular data-processing containers, which make up the actual infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining operations, was adjusted to respond to location-specific concerns, including the prairie site’s heat, wind and dust. The contractor sidestepped supply chain problems by relying on its sister businesses to obtain materials for the containers. 

A handpicked engineering team worked with the owner to understand the climate challenges and tweak the containers with features ranging from additional doorstops to finding the most appropriate cooling option for the location. The new mine reaffirms the owner’s commitment to sustainable operations of the global bitcoin network through the use of low- and no-carbon sources of energy.