NYSTA Cashless Tolling - Design and Construction Quality Assurance

Statewide in N.Y.

Award of Merit

Submitted By: WSP USA

Owner: New York State Thruway Authority

General Contractor/Lead Design Firm: Cashless Tolling Engineers JV

Owners Engineer/Construction Manager: WSP USA

Teamwork, communication and coordination were imperative to safely complete work at 60 construction sites along the 450-mile New York State Thruway within a 14-month construction window. The project spanned toll plaza demolition, roadway and alignment improvements and installation of new electronic toll-collection technology, structures and support infrastructure.

Collaboration between the design-build team and quality assurance staff enabled open-road tolling installation at each site within a 30-day window, followed by a 30-day full system test period. The QA team developed a plan along with the design-builder’s quality control program to efficiently and effectively deliver oversight services in a range of technical disciplines. Collaborative technology tools wirelessly integrated multiple state engineering and field offices, while informal “over the shoulder” reviews allowed formal design submission review with few, if any, comments.

The quality commitment extended to the jobsite, with simultaneous efforts to verify work, as-built plan accuracy and design-builders’ data. Lower pandemic traffic volumes allowed more major activities to be completed during daytime hours. Daily workforce health screening using a web-based cell phone application ensured quick notifications and efficient contact tracing, boosting project safety. All work was completed and new tolling systems activated six weeks ahead of schedule.