Oklahoma State Capitol Interior Restoration

Oklahoma City

Award of Merit

Owner State of Oklahoma Office of Management & Enterprise Services

Lead Design Firm/Civil/Structural/MEP FSB Architects + Engineers

GC Manhattan Construction Co. (Design-Build)

Since its completion in 1917, the Oklahoma State Capitol has suffered from inadequate upkeep and insufficient capital budgets. Many hastily planned and poorly executed renovations caused deterioration of both the interior and exterior.

To deliver functional enhancements that would serve the building through the 21st century, the team made infrastructure upgrades for energy efficiency; installed new life safety systems; preserved, restored and rehabilitated its historic fabric; and enhanced security for both access control and force protection. The design team devised a strategy that allowed the facility to stay fully occupied without moving agencies multiple times. This saved the state $10 million and helped bring in the project below budget.

The original building was not built for phones or heat and air-conditioning. Exposed phone and data lines ran throughout the facility. Crews created new chases to help address such technologies as security, cell phones, touch screens, voting boards, microphones and data inputs. The design added a new digital sign system—a wayfinding system that consists of touchscreen LED screens mounted throughout the Capitol that can be used by visitors. In addition, it serves as a way to reserve meeting rooms throughout the Capitol. It accesses an Outlook calendar so that all the different entities can share these common spaces.

The 6.5-year project was completed ahead of schedule in March 2022.