Kleinschmidt Associates has worked with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) on a number of projects related to the 285-ft-tall Lower Baker Dam in Skagit County, Wash. The firm was part of the design team on a $35-million project to upgrade a fish passage system overseen by Skanska and completed in 2010. Kleinschmidt continues working with the utility as part of its dam relicensing program.

Photographer Jared Brown took the image using a Google Pixel 6 phone while on a tour of the dam facilities in July. “I really wanted to capture the majestic feeling of this dam in particular,” he says. “I really enjoy the cool-toned color scheme and feeling that the dam seems to be hidden amongst the North Cascades forest.”

Kleinschmidt provided both fish passage and biological monitoring expertise to PSE during relicensing on the Baker dam and one other facility on the river in 2008. The firm continues to support the utility with training, monitoring and compliance with the licensing requirements.