Raintree Drive Residential in North Scottsdale, Ariz., is a ground-up, five-story, wood-framed, multifamily project wrapped around a six-story precast parking structure containing 270 stalls. In January, contractor The Weitz Co. and precast concrete sub Coreslab Structures were installing multiple levels of precast concrete. The parking structure sits at the heart of the Raintree Apartments and served as a major milestone for the project.

“Our goal for this photo was to capture the safety protocols Weitz uses to make sure each team member gets home safe to their families,” says Maples, who captured this shot of Sean McConnell from Coreslab as he was working on the installation. Maples used a Nikon 5100 set at f/5.6 and ISO 400.

“The empty spaces in this photo create an illusion that the worker is high in the sky. However, he is actually standing on the first level,” Maples says.

The new development creates a walkable community with connectivity to surrounding retail stores, restaurants and office buildings. A total of 192 units are located on Levels 1 through 5, with walk-outs units on the street level.