PENTA is leading construction of the Pepperdine University Baseball Parking and Storage project in Malibu, Calif. During the first week of April, 65 of 200 precast storage vaults that had been cast in Fontana, Calif., were placed behind the Pepperdine Waves Baseball Field. The 23 storage vaults will capture and filter stormwater. The project launched in August 2021 and will expand by 200 spaces the current parking lots when completed later this year. 

Hiner captured the photo with a Nikon D600 using a Tamron 18-400 lens. He says he was intrigued by the way the concrete bunkers mimic the rolling hills of the surrounding landscape as well as the contrast of the construction activity with the ocean backdrop. “I wanted to give perspective on how we can accomplish large projects in the middle of an active campus, yet few even know we were there,” he says.