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John Hubert

John Hubert 
Vice President, Northeast Infrastructure
Bergmann, Now Part of Colliers Engineering & Design

Across the Buffalo and Niagara Falls region there is an “increased focus on expanding access to outdoor recreation and improving the safety of multimodal transportation,” Hubert says, citing the transformation of Buffalo’s Outer Harbor and the Niagara Scenic Parkway in Niagara Falls as well as “the incorporation of pedestrian, bike and transit features into street projects, on which our team has provided design and construction services.”

Such projects are trending due to the “positive impact on quality of life” for residents and are a “great benefit to tourism and ecotourism industries,” he says, with federal, state and local government funds also boosting project completion. 

Financial support notwithstanding, outdoor recreation projects “require a higher level of coordination across a wide range of stakeholders,” not to mention “experience navigating unique aspects of the process,” Hubert says. That includes “property use and limited right-of way, assessing cost and schedule factors for unique features and treatments and soliciting and listening to input from diverse parties,” he says.