Grant Barracks Renovation and Modernization

West Point, N.Y.

Award of Merit

OWNER: USACE (New York District)


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Kokolakis Contracting

CIVIL ENGINEERS: Price Jepsen and Eric P. Matzer


ARCHITECT: Li-Saltzman Architects

Challenges of this project included incorporating new MEP systems, a building-wide air barrier and other modern comforts while maintaining the nearly 90-year-old structure’s historic status. A key focus was the Great Hall’s historic concrete ceiling, which is decorated with intricate artwork. Designs and original layers of paint were conserved and stabilized wherever possible so that the ceiling could be thoroughly cleaned and deteriorated areas repaired. Similar measures were taken to preserve and restore interior woodwork, with gel stain and acrylic paints used to mimic the original grain. Because the Great Hall restoration was carried out with demolition and renovation work on upper floors, the team took special care to tread carefully with vibrating machinery and use water judiciously to minimize dust. Rather than simply replace second-floor bathroom piping within the existing 4-in. false deck above the Great Hall, the team used building information modeling to find new, more easily accessible routes that also reduce the potential for leak damage to the ceiling.

Grant Barracks

Photo by Brendan McGibney Photography