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Darin Stegemoller

Darin Stegemoller 
Senior Vice President
JE Dunn Construction

Construction continues to be strong in the Pacific Northwest, with many market sectors showing strength. “The growing demand to fill the chip shortage has led to new microelectronic facilities and several upgrades to existing facilities,” says Stegemoller, who notes that data center facilities also are seeing a continued boom throughout the region. The public sector remains steady with critical resilience and infrastructure projects for the state as well as the recent approval of more than $300 million in higher education projects. Housing also continues to attract investment.
Office work has slowed significantly while companies evaluate work from home options. “There is growing concern over the Delta variant surge, and health care projects are once again pausing renovation work to limit any temporary loss of bed space,” Stegemoller says. 
Supply chain challenges persist with the local market seeing significant lead times for metal deck, steel and lumber products. “Overall, there is no shortage of work, just shortages of labor and supplies,” he says.