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Sal Elder

Sal Elder
Managing Principal and Technical Director

The multifamily housing, advanced technology and health care sectors as well as other private commercial development are growing in the state capital district in New York, says Elder.

“The capital region is a growing hub of diverse industry clusters, including nanotechnology, semiconductor and clean energy production,” industries that are well suited to the Albany workforce, Elder says.

“With the third-fastest-growing young adult population, the region has a deep resource of talented individuals in the advanced technology fields,” he says. “This pool of talent is helping drive the economic growth in the area.”

Elder notes that the COVID-19 pandemic “has certainly challenged much of this local development, but we are now seeing and expecting a rapid return” to a period of robust growth.

The executive emphasizes that the local architect and engineering industry “is resilient and well positioned to help facilitate this” rebound to “a time of strong growth.”