Photographer/submitter: Jamie Brown, Director of Marketing, Thompson Pipe Group

Brown shot this photo at sunrise on Jan. 27 at the Thompson Pipe Group pressure facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. The goal was to capture the manufacturing process of the reinforced concrete microtunneling pipe that Thompson Pipe is producing for the Atoka Pipeline, the largest water project under construction in North America.

The 58,000-lb pipe is 84 in. in diameter and 20 ft long. “I wanted to give the viewer a clear sense of its size,” Brown says. “The pipe was poured the previous day. Before dawn, crews arrive to open the mold and move the pipe to the yard. Once the pipe is released, it moves quickly down the rails to the tipper. Due to the limited light and our safety protocols, I had to move quickly and safely to capture the entire process.”

Brown took the shot using her Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

“The early morning light is soft, and the newborn concrete pipe looks smooth. Additionally, the viewer gets a sense of movement and the overall scale of the pipe and the facility,” she says.