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Photographer: Dennis Washington
Submitted By: Brian Bateman, Public Relations and Communications, TDIndustries

The Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center in Frisco, Texas, opened its doors on Oct. 10. The new campus is designed to provide care, rehabilitation and guidance for children and their families. TDIndustries provided mechanical and plumbing services for the medical facility.

The foyer includes many elements styled to represent children’s toys.

“This image was a challenge to capture due to the steep angle—standing on my toes [and] having to shoot through glass panels and shooting directly into sunlight,” photographer Dennis Washington says. “What stood out to me and I tried to convey was the feeling that the thin cables holding the art in place felt like rain falling around the piece that would eventually cascade down the multicolored, winding staircase below.”

Washington used a Canon 6D camera and the Canon 24-105mm lens to capture the shot.