Photographer: Robby Brown, Corporate Videographer & Photographer, Sundt Construction
Submitted By: Kimberley Hoidal, PR and Communication Specialist, Sundt Construction

Brown was visiting the Denton Administrative Complex project in June 2020 to take progress photos. While there, Brown saw three workers stop for a moment to take in the view from atop the complex near the dome.

“While capturing some wide landscape shots, I noticed the workers and switched to my long lens to zoom in. I was hoping to show the scale of the dome, and they provided the perfect opportunity,” he says.

The four-story Denton County Administration Complex includes 95,795 sq ft of new construction, and among the building’s prominent architectural features is the new dome, which peaks at 207 ft.

Brown captured the shot using a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Canon 135mm Prime lens.

“I opened the driver side car door and stood on the seat with a foot on the door for stability. With the building being so high, I tried to get as close to a dead-on perspective as I could. Every little bit helped,” he says. “I love that you can get a real sense of the scale of the dome. This never happens—that you can see the workers stopping to appreciate the incredible and unique view they had.”