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Juli ManiscalcoJuli Maniscalco
Executive Director, Central Region
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

“Due to projects being pushed out or delayed due to the market’s response to COVID-19, engineering, design and construction resources are becoming more available in the Baton Rouge market,” Maniscalco says. “We are optimistic that the global economy will continuously improve. Our history of organic growth has been led primarily by our clients’ needs and desires.”

In the industrial process, refining and manufacturing industries, Hargrove’s Baton Rouge and Houston-area clients are focusing on operations, streamlining processes and planning for turnarounds and maintenance needs, she says.

“Automation, cybersecurity, reliability and safety-driven projects continue to be a focus area for our clients,” she adds. “We are accustomed to remote engagement of teammates and have the infrastructure to do that seamlessly. We continue to be proactive in our communications with our teammates and our clients in the face of this pandemic, and we feel the lessons we are learning will have a big impact on work going forward.”