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Donn PetersonDonn Peterson
ABC Pelican Chapter and Vice President
GROUP Industries

“The south Louisiana area will soon be experiencing a massive influx of capital as companies take advantage of locations and resources that are unmatched in other areas of the country,” Peterson says.

He notes that the area’s talented pipeline of skilled workers and the “unparalleled expertise of construction companies” will serve these owners well in building their new facilities throughout the area.

Among the notable owners pursuing projects in the greater Baton Rouge area are Methanex in Geismar, La., and Shintech with its Vinyl Complex in West Baton Rouge.

Other major investments include Exxon’s Polypropylene Expansion in East Baton Rouge and the just-announced expansion of Shell’s manufacturing facility in Geismar.

These projects will “showcase the work ethic and resiliency of the talented men and women who reside here and the construction companies who call south Louisiana home,” Peterson says.