The Illinois construction-related corruption scandal keeps growing.

Bill Helm, 56, a former deputy commissioner of the Chicago Dept. of Aviation and a former Illinois Dept. of Transportation official, was indicted on one count of federal program bribery March 6. He will be arraigned in federal court in Chicago on March 20.

According to the indictment, a construction company in 2018 retained Helm to assist in obtaining approval from the Illinois Dept. of Transportation for signal and roadwork in connection with the unnamed company’s development project in East Dundee, Ill.

The company sought approval from IDOT in 2017, the indictment states. From July 2018 to at least Nov. 2018, Helm offered and agreed to pay money to influence and reward State Senator Martin Sandoval, who has since pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges in another case, in connection with IDOT approval of the project, the indictment states.  At the time, the indictment states, Sandoval was chairman of the Illinois Senate Transportation Committee and was in a position to assist with obtaining such approvals.