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Matt TondlMatt Tondl
Senior Vice President 

“The two DOTs [Iowa and Nebraska] have robust programs that they’re moving along, and there are priority projects that are moving forward,” Tondl says. “The market seems to be pretty healthy both from a municipal and state level as far as transportation improvements.

Operations and maintenance is getting a lot of attention, so we’re seeing cities trying to do other things besides concrete, widenings and what you normally see, so they’re trying to eke all the efficiency they can out of the system. There’s a lot of attention there.”

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1917 S. 67th St. Omaha
CEO: Eric Keen
Employees: 10,200
Founded: 1917
Road Work: HDR is the program manager for the Iowa DOT on the Council Bluffs Interstate System (CBIS). The $1.3-billion program is a comprehensive interstate redesign and modernization.