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Susan MarlowSusan Marlow

Calling the Nashville construction market “very strong,” Marlow says, “We are seeing an increased need in providing solutions to clients as they manage the influence of technology on our communities, whether through advancements in connected and autonomous mobility or growing implementation of smart utility features,” such as in the health care and hospitality sectors. Logistics-related work should grow, too, she says. “With Amazon locating a new facility in Nashville Yards, you will see competition for data science, AI and big data computing in all sectors,” Marlow says.

Firm in Focus

601 Grassmere Park Road, Ste. 22, Nashville
Top SE Officer: Mike Kennedy, Executive Vice President
Founded: 1954
Looking Ahead: Stantec is working with the Greater Nashville Regional Council to create a Regional Smart Mobility Assessment to provide a framework for implementing future mobility technologies.