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Preston NelsonPreston Nelson
Director of Planning & Construction
Haselden Wyoming Constructors

“The construction outlook for Cheyenne and southern Wyoming is fairly optimistic. State funding for some sectors is lower than in the past, but there are some good private-sector business opportunities on the horizon. The ongoing volatility in the energy sector makes it more selective which public projects get funded and built,” Nelson says. “This summer, the state’s business council recommended the state approve a $9.3-million loan to help with construction of a biomedical manufacturing plant for Innovive in east Cheyenne. New schools are still being built, such as Carey Elementary in Cheyenne, and the University of Wyoming is planning to add nearly 2,000 beds to its on-campus student housing, although that will likely be done in phases over the next five to seven years. Also, Warren Air Force Base will undertake a major upgrade for its missile program, which could have a big impact on local workforce shortages in an already depleted labor market. The state is looking to standardize its construction contracts, similar to what Colorado did, which will make it easier for contractors to do business here.”