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Joe SpieringRay Fertig
Wyoming Contractors Association

“I think the low point for Cheyenne and Wyoming construction at large is behind us for the foreseeable future. We have leveled off and even begun to pick up a little steam, especially as mineral, oil, and natural gas prices rise from their low points,” Fertig says.

“The economy and the outlook for the construction industry here are starting to look up, and I am becoming cautiously optimistic. Cheyenne is uniquely positioned with F. E. Warren Air Force Base as a strong partner in our community. Cheyenne is also favored as a transportation hub, with the juncture of I-80 and I-25, which are both major freight corridors, and a network of railroads in the area. These traits help insulate Cheyenne somewhat, but we still remain vulnerable to fluctuations in natural resource prices, as does the entire state as well,” he says.

“Overall, it’s an exciting time to be in construction. Now we just need to find the skilled craftspeople to build these projects, and that remains one of the greatest challenges to the construction industry here in Wyoming and the nation as a whole,” Fertig adds.