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Jim LarrieuJim Larrieu
Vice President, Sacramento Regional Director
Sundt Construction Inc.

“Over the next five years, we will see $4 billion spent on new construction and renovations of state government facilities in downtown Sacramento. This financing is the first round of funding on a 10-year plan developed by the Department of General Services,” Larrieu says. “In addition to government spending, Sacramento has seen a recent rise in its population. Because of this increase, there is a need for housing as well as new infrastructure.

“East of the activity downtown, with over 30,000 students, we have seen a significant boost in action on the Sacramento State campus. Approximately six projects are currently under construction or nearing completion on the campus. These projects include two residential facilities for students,” he says.

“Sacramento International Airport has seen six years of steady growth. The airport is working on forecasting needs over the next five- to 10-year period. The forecast includes improvements to the current infrastructure, terminal expansion, a new consolidated car facility and terminal parking. With the increase of travelers, there has been a boom in hospitality building within the region as well,” he adds.