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David WiseDavid Wise
The Harper Corp. General Contractors

The last two years have kept Greenville contractors busy, and 2019 looks to be “just as robust,” says Wise. Noting the continuing strength of the region’s manufacturing activity as well as the trend of urban development projects—such as the $1.1-billion County Square redevelopment plan— Wise says: “We’re going to move into 2019 with a strong backlog.” With international companies prominent among the region’s manufacturers, he adds that there are concerns about possible impacts from tariffs or trade wars.

Firm in Focus

The Harper Corp. General Contractors
35 West Court St., Greenville, S.C.
President: David Wise
Employees: 215
Founded: 1950
Education Work: In 2017, the Greenville, S.C.-based contractor started construction of the $33-million Rudolph Gordon Elementary School project in Simpsonville, S.C.