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Cheryl WigginsCheryl Wiggins
Senior Manager, Community and Public Relations

Greenville’s construction market appears “vibrant” right now, says Wiggins, with the most prominent development being new roads, homes and public schools. “In addition to the downtown growth, it’s good to see more focus on addressing the urgent need for safe, affordable housing,” Wiggins says. “Additionally, there is major activity with the Interstate-85/I-385 connector as well as a focus on improving our mass transportation and creating more lanes and trails for biking and walking.”

Firm in Focus

100 Fluor Daniel Dr., Greenville, S.C.
Chairman/CEO: David T. Seaton
Employees: 60,000
Founded: 1912
What’s New: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’s Huntsville, Ala., Engineering Center on Oct. 19th awarded Fluor a $240-million, six-month contract to help restore electric power to Puerto Rico.