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Cary HegrebergCary Hegreberg
Executive Director
Montana Contractors’ Association

“The Montana Contractors’ Association is optimistic in its outlook for the construction industry in Montana for 2019. While the season was slow to get started in some segments in 2018, it picked up steam once the weather cooperated, and it hasn’t slowed down,” Hegreberg says. “Funds captured through an increase in state fuel tax in the 2017 Montana legislative session ensured the Montana Dept. of Transportation could match federal funds to ensure a fairly steady calendar of road and bridge work. A portion of that fuel tax money was carved out for local road and bridge projects, so we’re seeing an uptick in that area as well. Our vertical builders are extremely busy with a wide range of projects, many of them schools. High-end residential and commercial projects in Montana’s exclusive resort areas are extremely robust, with lack of workers being the limiting factor. We’re moving into another legislative session in Montana, and that comes with its challenges. We need to find ways to expand funding for infrastructure, along with identifying creative methods to ensure future construction efforts.”