Photographer: Zak Zeinert
Submitted By: Alejandra Villarreal Weiss, Communications Manager, Oldcastle Materials Inc., Austin, Texas

Crews are currently building an overpass at the Port of Beaumont in Texas, a project that’s being led by Oldcastle Materials’ Gulf Coast business.

“I look at my role on these shoots as that of documentary photographer. It is my job to capture the story of the men and women working on site while also taking photos that show off the stability and impressiveness of the construction,” Zeinert explains. Photos were shot with a Canon 5d Mark 3 with a Canon 24-70 f2.8 lens at a shutter speed of 1/500th, aperture at f5.6 and ISO 200.

“We were wrapping up at the first site of the day when I saw a man climb into the lift. I immediately knew this would be an opportunity to get a very dramatic shot that emphasized the scale of the bridge in relation to the worker,” Zeinert says. “I love the simplicity of this shot. It’s man versus bridge. I used leading lines in the composition to both guide the viewers eye to the worker and also to highlight the scale disparity.”