Chick-Fil-A Corporate Campus
Award of Merit

Owner Chick-Fil-A
Lead Design Firm Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates (SRSSA)
General Contractor Choate Construction Co.
Civil Engineer (Main Entrance) McFarland Dyer
Structural Engineer Stanley D. Lindsey & Associates Ltd.
Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer McKenney’s
Electrical Engineer Conway & Owen

Contractors leading construction of Chick-fil-A’s 262,960-sq-ft corporate campus divided the work into 11 separate projects, which included enhancement of the main building, a simulator and the Food Innovation Center, a child-care facility, reconfiguring of existing workspaces and the construction of additional restaurant simulation space. Additionally, the project team divided the job into six detailed phases, each of which had to be approved by a board of Chick-fil-A executives—whose main focus was how the project team would work to avoid hindering employees.

One of the project team’s most detailed challenges involved reconstructing the corporate campus’ main entrance, which had to remain functional for 1,000-plus cars to pass through daily. To accommodate the client’s requirements, contractors worked with multiple subcontractors and the civil engineer to developed a plan for each phase that included designing and constructing a new road.

Each project utilized high-end finishes such as patterned carpet tiles, radiused wood ceilings and exposed concrete floors. The simulator pods and the Food Innovation Center projects recreated various Chick-fil-A restaurant spaces, and even included drive-throughs and restrooms. More corporate-type centers included a mix of enclosed office space, conference rooms and open cubicles with decorative finishes that included stained wood doors and decorative ceiling tiles.