Ephraim to Pigeon Hollow
Ephraim, Utah  
Award of Merit

Owner: Utah Dept. of Transportation
Lead Design: Sunrise Engineering
Concrete: Sunstone Contractors
Excavation: Carlisle Excavating
General Contractor: Hales Sand & Gravel Inc. (Staker Parson Cos.)

The stretch of U.S. 89  from Ephraim to Pigeon Hollow takes travelers from nearby towns into and out of Ephraim for most of their shopping needs. It also brings students from around the county into Snow College. The four-month project replaced 41 concrete pedestrian ramps through Ephraim and widened two miles of U.S. 89 from two lanes to four. Crews excavated 17,210 cu yd of existing subgrade and replaced it with a layer of geogrid, 14,855 cu yd of granular soil and 12,215 cu yd of road base. Ephraim also has many residents who are legally blind. The contractor built special ramps that allowed those pedestrians to maintain their usual routes through the construction zone without disrupting their daily travel.

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