Swinerton project accountant Thea Hem took this iPhone photo, which shows the dramatic scale of the Trinity Venus sculpture by Lawrence Argent in San Francisco. At a height of 92 ft, the twisting stainless-steel art piece would reach the nose of the 111-ft-tall body of the Statue of Liberty. Magnusson Klemencic Associates engineered the structure, which includes a cantilevered stainless-steel space frame emanating from a central stainless-steel box column—45 ft tall, 3 ft square and half filled with concrete—anchored via reinforcing steel to a 4.5-ft-thick slab. Ten artisans from China, where the sculpture was fabricated, erected the piece in 75 days.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Thea Hem; Kevin Shea Photography 
SUBMITTED BY: Swinerton Inc., San Francisco