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Jim AnkrumJim Ankrum
Senior VP
Bowen Engineering Corp.

The construction marketplace in Indiana “has definitely picked up in the past couple years,” Ankrum says. “Bowen has a larger percentage of our overall backlog in Indiana than we have had in many years.” The outlook remains positive, Ankrum adds. “From discussions I’ve had with local industry partners, they all indicate a robust business climate at hand. Bowen remains focused on talent recruitment and retention in order to keep up with current demands as well as profitable growth in the future,” he says.

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Bowen Engineering Corp.
8802 N. Meridian, Indianapolis
Revenue: $221M
Founded: 1967
What's New: Bowen is currently delivering two major infrastructure projects in Indianapolis, including more than $100M in upgrades to a wastewater treatment plant and a $100M+ coal-to-gas conversion.