Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) has unveiled a $1-billion funding plan that will fund additional road projects in the state for four years.

The plan, announced on Oct. 13, would allow Indiana Dept. of Transportation (INDOT) to begin a 15-year initiative to resurface an estimated 16,000 mi of state highways and repair some 5,200 bridges across the Hoosier State.

“These additional funds will help INDOT make future maintenance and repairs as the Interstate system comes of age,” Pence says.

The 2017-2020 plan, called 21st Century Crossroads, builds on the $3.2 billion that INDOT had already planned to spend over the next five years, Pence noted.

INDOT has come under scrutiny recently for closing a portion of I-65 for a month for emergency repairs after a bridge settled unexpectedly. In addition, state reports of asphalt pavements failing prematurely raised questions about specifications and contract oversight.

Funding for the new plan will come from bonds, cash reserves and future appropriations without raising taxes, Pence noted.