San Jose Parish Church

The new 1,000-seat church is designed and sited to present a welcoming presence from within the church campus and outward to the community.

The 20,000-sq-ft facility houses a grand entry, choir, two sacristies, restrooms, ajanitor closet, confessionals and an ushers work room. The design references a modified Spanish Colonial motif structure with traditional forms and ornament that recalls New World churches. Utilizing a pre-engineered metal building system as the facility superstructure and roof system effectively reduced costs while retaining the traditional look. A freestanding, 50-ft-tall, domed bell tower anchors the plaza and calls the faithful to worship.

Key Players

Owner: Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Design Firm: Gregory T. Hicks and Associates
General Contractor: Jaynes Corp.
Engineers: Isaacson & Arfman; The Response Group; RME ABQ
Subcontractors: Beaty Construction; Chaparral Electric; Garvin Construction; Hanna Plumbing & Heating; Les File Drywall; National Heating and Ventilation; Valley Fire Protection; Custom Grading