Civic Space
Photo: Craig Smith
Civic Space
Photo: Daniel Watts

Located in the heart of Phoenix near ASU’s downtown campus, Civic Space is an urban park providing a vibrant amenity for the community and respite from the heat. Features include a landmark suspended art piece, undulating shade canopies, shade trees, lawn areas, a covered stage and community event area, a splash pad and programmable LED light columns.

A sunken courtyard featuring a water wall was created on the north side of the historic 1926 A.E. England Motor Co. Building, which was renovated to provide community meeting spaces and space to lease for food and retail in addition to housing park equipment and offices.

The Civic Space Park utilizes sustainable design techniques to generate power and reduce water run-off. Solar panels on the park’s shade structures will generate power to offset the parks lighting and electrical needs. Hard surfaces are created with pervious concrete and pavers that reduce heat reflection and allow rainfall to seep through. Water run-off is collected by an underground rainfall collection system that allows it to seep naturally back into the ground.

Shade will be provided to over 70% of the park in the summertime with mature shade trees ultimately playing a significant role in obtaining this goal. The dramatic floating net sculpture will reflect the changing seasons with shifts in the color and direction of the theatrical illumination.

Key Players

Owner: City of Phoenix
Design Firm: EDAW/AECOM
Architects: Architekton; Swan Architects
General Contractor: ForeSite Design & Construction
Consultants: Wright Engineering; Wood Patel; Electrical Design Consultants; Bianchi; CAID Industries
Subcontractors: Progressive Concrete Works; Corbins Electric; JEN Service; RBG Construction Co.; Woody’s Landscaping; Bowman Brothers Concrete; 4 Wall Lighting & Ent.; Shasta Industries; PerfectPower