Current Members: 65

Increased Membership Target for 2010: 75

Key Issues/Initiatives: Learning and training our membership on how to market in the “new-normal” economic conditions

Most Important Issue on Strategic Plan: Same as key issues. Also working for consistency from the chapter leadership as each board of directors comes and goes.

2010 President: Kevin Franson, Franson Civil Engineers Inc.

Economic Priorities: Our economic priorities center around the economic conditions. In a time when many companies are cutting budgets, SMPS-Utah must demonstrate its membership benefits under even-tighter scrutiny of marketing budgets.

Biggest Concerns: Being asked to do more with less.

It is during this time that SMPS is needed now more than ever. Our Society has been established to promote the efforts of marketing professionals. It has been established to train, educate, and instruct marketers in ways that they can be the best at what they do. These training and program opportunities are the exact substance to help us do more with less.

— Kevin Franson