Current Members: 151

Increased Membership Target: 160

Key Issues/Initiatives: The CSI Denver chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary this fall and will continue to remind the construction industry of CSI’s educational and technical leadership, and the value of regular networking with all players in the industry. Building owners, contractors, project managers, manufacturers and suppliers, architects, engineers and specification writers all have a place within the chapter.

Most Important Issue on Strategic Plan: Certification training programs for yearly examinations beginning in January, and annual Symposium and Product Show to be held March 9.

2010 President: David Bishton, Moore & Bishton Architects

Economic Priorities: Our priorities are focused on organization value and benefits — the economics will follow.

Biggest Concerns: Assistance and encouragement to members affected by the construction industry recession.

“Every person important to the Denver Chapter over the years was once a first-time member and a first-time volunteer. Every CSI member I know of hopes to learn something important, to be a better professional and share with others of like mind — by working together, by being inspired to volunteer and attend and spread the CSI message.”

— David Bishton