USGBC Colorado - U.S. Green Building Council – Colorado Chapter

Current Members: 800

Increased Membership Target for 2010: 15%

Key Issues/Initiatives: Green schools, sustainable commercial real estate, water and green buildings for cool cities, green-building education for Colorado professionals

Most Important Issue on Strategic Plan: Meeting the needs of the rapidly growing green-building community through a variety of education, advocacy and networking opportunities.

2010 President: Jim Bradburn, The RMH Group

Economic Priorities: The economic downturn continues to affect the green building community, and, while certain sectors have seen their situation stabilize, it will take a while for things to fully rebound.

Biggest Concerns: Maintaining the organization’s relevance and efficacy while struggling with declining revenues.

“The green building movement has passed the tipping point of acceptance and is now gaining momentum as a differentiator in all building sectors. The market has acknowledged that green practices result in tangible advantages that are realized through increased property value, higher occupancy rates, lower operating costs and increased lease rates.

Our mission is no longer to convince the market of why to build green, but rather to provide guidance on how to build green. As the economy recovers, professionals with training in green-building design and operation will be in greater demand. In the next year, the chapter will expand educational offerings to support this need and meet the increased demand. We look forward to renewed growth in the green-building industry in 2010 and the new opportunities it presents to implement the principles of sustainability.”

— Jim Bradburn