SnapShot  November 7, 2011
Claire Voyle In Store Support SpecialistOlympus UK, Essex, U.K. Submitted By: David Winakor, Portland, Conn. �In the afternoon bustle of midtown, I saw this worker toiling,� says Winakor, who does not generally go out of his way to photograph people but says he wanted to take a photo that reflected New York �without regard to the exact time in history.� The worker he photographed would occasionally look up or at passersby, �but I didn�t see a single person look at him. It was a strange dichotomy,� Winakor says. He shot the image while on a business trip with a Canon Rebel XTI with a 135mm lens on f7.1 and a shutter speed of 1/200. �You could imagine he was looking up for some recognition, any kind, but instead was just left to work,� Winakor adds.

Photographer: David Winakor