SnapShot  September 12, 2011
 Photographer: Mark Lyon Submitted By: Mark Lyon, Associate,Huron Consulting Group, New York Submitted By: Mark Lyon, Associate,
Huron Consulting Group, New York
“Being interested in the work taking place in my own backyard, I took my camera and decided to see what was happening,” says Lyon, who lives on 92nd Street and 2nd Avenue, right in the middle of the Second Avenue Subway construction. He used his Nikon D5000 at f4.0 to shoot one of the large cranes being disassembled and loaded onto a truck. According to Lyon, the permit necessary to close the streets could only be issued for nighttime hours so the crew worked from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. “I was disappointed at the late-night disturbance but happy to see even more evidence of progress on the job site,” Lyon says.

Photographer: Mark Lyon