Award of Merit - Small Project

This highly-visible project in Madison, Wis., was a collaboration between the Urban League, the city, the Community Development Authority and other contributors throughout the area.

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Federal money was given to the project, therefore DBE goals of 22 percent were placed on the project. The goal was exceeded and the project set a new record for any City of Madison project.

The conditions at the site were tight, which made it difficult to stage equipment. The location of the project in the parking lot of the Villager Mall gave Tri-North limited space to operate, since the mall would remain open during construction.

Property lines for the site were 2-6 ft from the building.

The contractor successfully managed the staging area by limiting the materials and equipment on site at any given time. This also limited available storage for donated materials and furniture, but the project team found storage alternatives so that the donated items would not be damaged or lost.

The re-model of the Villager Mall also posed a problem because its remodeling was done by a different contractor.

Coordination between Tri-North and the Villager Mall contractor was essential. Site conditions and concrete pouring and resurfacing had to be coordinated along with the shipping and receiving of construction materials.

Key Players

Developer/Owner: Urban League of Greater Madison, Madison, Wis.
GC: Tri-North Builders, Fitchburg, Wis.
CM: Tri-North Builders, Fitchburg, Wis.
Architect: Barrientos, Milwaukee

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