Project of the Year - Industrial

The Advanced Technology Center is one of the largest high-power test facilities in the U.S.

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The facility enables S&C Electric Co. to accelerate development and delivery of innovative electrical switching and protection products in the U.S., including the automatic service restoration, energy storage and power quality equipment needed for the Smart Grid.

The 43,000-sq-ft structure hopes to achieve LEED Gold certification, making it the first industrial building in the Chicago metropolitan area to hold such a rating.

There were a number of challenges related to the correct installation and rebuilding of the two 850 MVA short-circuit test generators, the six 115 MVA short-circuit transformers and the associated balance of plant equipment.

As a result of tight economic conditions in the utility industry and changes in the priorities of the company, the equipment had been in storage for 20 years.

A number of individuals that participated in the original procurement of the equipment and conceptual design had since retired.

The original equipment was manufactured in the 1930s and 1940s, in turn creating fairly significant issues.

As a result, the team often had to recreate design information. Many individuals from S&C Electric worked integrally and daily with the architect and structural engineer, the general contractor and the MEP contractors, as well as numerous specialty contractors and consultants.

Key Players

Developer/Owner: S&C Electric Co. Chicago
GC: Bulley & Andrews LLC, Chicago
Architect: A. C. Alexander Engineers, Architects Ltd., Niles, Ill.
Engineer: A. C. Alexander Engineers, Architects Ltd., Niles, Ill.

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